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General and soap related feedback

Dr Debra MBBS, FRACGP (February 2019): "I just wanted to say your beautiful soaps really are a blessing. I have used them in many places all over the world when I shower as a way of spoiling myself - the soaps have travelled to Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Tajikistan in my work with aid organisations. I have a distinct memory of my time living in the Kimberley whenever I close my eyes and smell the fragrances and I'm transported back to my precious time there. It's my little way of staying connected with the country and people I miss so much....I did feel compelled to write a thank you to you as I have always loved your soap makers prayer and I think we live in a world that does not feed back to others how the work they do makes a difference in our lives.

Thanks again and best of luck with the work you do giving people like me joy! And yes I do hope to be back there one day."

Alison (January 2016):  Thankyou so much for my products that arrived today!  Such amazing service! Thankyou also for the 'packing' pieces of soap.  I love to share these with family and freinds, but I also put them in my drawers etc so that everytime I open them the scent transports me back to Broome and leaves me with a feeling of peace and happiness.

Susanna (May 2010): I was in Broome in early March and visited your wonderful shop twice. Your products are beautiful. I have been using a fairly expensive French skincare range for a number of years but have now replaced it with your Rejuvenate range and I'm very happy with it... thank you!!! In fact a couple of weeks ago I looked at my abandoned French pots of serum and moisturiser, thought I better use them up and after 2 days returned to Rejuvenate becuase the old face wasn't looking a happy!!!

My mother is 84 and really happy with your Achy Breaky cream. I could go on and on, the bottom line is I'll be a regular!!

Susan Kurosawa, unsolicited comment in Weekend Australian, Sept 14-15 2002, Travel p.26: "Aromatic hand-made soaps from the Saturday morning markets in the Court House gardens (most fragrant: Kimberley Wet Season, with basil, lime, lemon myrtle, rosemary and peppermint) make portable (and suitcase-scenting) souvenirs."

Anne: "It is so refreshing to receive a catalogue that is not aggressive in its approach but is strong in ethical integrity and pure quality. I come across handmade soaps, candles etc in many places but none compare to the beautiful fragrance of the oils you use (and the price). Thank you for continuing to make products that are simply the best." 1/11/02

Eleanor Sprawson, unsolicited comment in The Daily Telegraph June 30 2003, Travel p.4: "Look out in particular for the Hidden Valley Handcrafts stall (their locally made Avocado Dry Skin Nourishing Cream is downright miraculous)."

Sue, (Eastern States soapmaker): "Did you know that in the last month I have had three people show me and mention to me about having bought your soaps. Small world isn't it? Now I can put a name to "Hidden Valley soaps": All the soaps had travelled as gifts to Sth East Qld. You are well known and your soaps popular... makes you feel good doesn't it? The soaps were beautiful and the scents lovely. And each person had praise for your product." 9/8/01

Winsome: "Yours must be the only business in Australia that can get your stuff turned around so quickly. It seemed I had only just rung the order through and there it was on my doorstep! You must have a wonderful staff or is it you, Smokey, whipping them all into gear?"   27/11/09

 Angela: "Thank you for your wonderful Christmas Newsletter. It is great to hear about what you are up to on the other side of the country. I loved giving your beautiful things to people for Christmas and they are fascinated when I tell them about your company. I kept one of the "Going Troppo" sets to try for myself and absolutely loved these soaps. These fragrances transported me to other times and places. I hope the year ahead is a happy, peaceful and successful one for you all."   14/2/06

Donna: "Just a short note to say Thankyou for your prompt service last week. I received the soaps in time for the markets last Saturday. I would just like you to know how good they make me feel and from the feedback I have been getting, how they make other people feel. I believe that not only the essential oils make you feel great, but the soaps have a life that is put into them by you the people that make them. Thankyou again! 18/8/03

Anna: "We LOVE the pranic cleansing soap [now called Transformation]! It works! Always feel much better after using it. It is especially good for washing off the depressing effects of working on a feedlot (my partner Andrew). Thank you for inventing it." 25/11/02

Dianne: "I look forward to receiving both newsletter and catalogue each year because it is great to hear what has been happening over the year. Keep sending please. We love Hidden Valley Handcrafts, and it has a special tie for us, as you used to supply Eco Beach (before their terrible destruction) and that is where we had our honeymoon. Every time I use your soaps (which is all the time) the fragrance just takes me back to November '99 and the beautiful warmth of Broome and Eco Beach." 13/12/02

 Liela (asylum seeker, Port Hedland detention centre): "I am thanks of your parcel and letter. I take some of soaps to other woman they be very happy and they said thanks to you. That Almond & Calendula cream were very good for my face. I say something of my family and myself. My name is Liela and I have 30 years. My husband name is Afshin he have 40 year and my kids name are Kurosh 11 and Daryosh 10 year.
We are in the Australia and camps for 26 months. Before we were in Curtin for 22 months. Now we are in Port Hedland for 4 months. I hope in this new year we be free and visit you.  2002

Lucy: "Thank you very much for the sweet smelling soaps. Their fragrance soothes and rejuvenates some weary old souls. We are really enjoying our baths. Beautiful things are created by wonderful and beautiful people like you." 27/5/01

Bridgette: "I am a new customer of yours. I would like to say thank you for Kindness soap. I have suffered from excema for a long time and have not been able to use soap. I tried Kindness and after 8 weeks still no itches. I also tried a soothing balm (Herbal Skin Calm) that Alison said you were trialing. It has been great. It even made my sunburn feel better! So thank you very much for such wonderful products." 11/1/04

Faye & Joan: "Thank you for the lovely soaps and oils. We like the sound of the new ones! We'll be in touch next month to order some more for Christmas. We were very popular with our friends last year - and it's wonderful to have these constant reminders of beautiful Broome. We appreciate your products and appreciate your ongoing research too." 19/10/01

Healing Cream

Susan: Went to get my tattoo finished today and the artist commented on how great it was looking = healed well and the detail still crisp. I told her what I had been using and she has asked for your details, which I have obviously passed on.  And the original skin issue I had - the whole reason I bought the product - has totally cleared up 😺 15 March, 2019

Jorja:  "When I was 15, I went on a family trip to Broome in WA! One Saturday, we went to one of the local markets! It was filled with the most beautiful things, including my Mums friends pearls! But I came across a stall that was selling handcrafted skin care products, soaps and essential oils. I have to be very careful when buying skin care products, as I have the dryest most sensitive skin in the world!

I ended up purchasing a small tub of cream which they called ‘Healing Cream’. Healing Cream is an all purpose herbal antiseptic for sores, bites, burns, stings, rashes, boils, cracked skin and eczema. Whilst in Broome, due to the extreme heat, I developed numerous heat rashes on my arms and face (sounds beautiful I know!). After applying this healing cream, the redness, itchyness and bumpyness went away. From then on I used it for every skin issue I had! Dry skin, eczema, bumpy rashes, allergies, heat rashes and even sunburn. It has a very smooth, creamy texture and a beautiful herbal smell that isn’t overpowering.

I ran out of my tub and only just recently came across their website! Not only do they stock this magical cream (which I would recommend to anyone and everyone!!) but they also sell soy candles, soaps, lips balms, hair care, sunscreens, exfoliants and more!"                                         from  Jorja's blog (unsolicited) 2012

Belinda: "Just wanted to say thanks again for another awesome product. I recently got a nasty rash in my armpits. I initially assumed it was eczema and used my cortisone ointment - didn't help. I then decided it might be a yeast infection so used anti-fungal cream - I think that made it worse. Eventually I decided to go with Healing Cream. After a couple of days the excruciating itch disappeared and now almost a week later it's almost completely cleared up! " 10/5/2011

Phillippa: "Further to our conversation I just want to tell you again how impressed I am with the Healing Cream. It's great on hangnails and cuticles too. Much better than that E.. Cream from the chemist at any price between $11.50 and $14 for 20g! I have used it for bites/stings, grazed shins and ankles and I'm diabetic and my doctor couldn't believe how quickly I healed so one of those jars is for her and another is to go to Warnambool and another to Hobart! I am now trying it on some keratoses."                       1/12/2001

Lynne: "Whilst in Broome a year or so ago I was fortunate enough to come across your products and purchased your Healing Cream. This product is fabulous!!! I would like to purchase more of the Healing cream and after enjoying this product so much would like to know what other products you sell..."  26/10/02

Rachel: "I just wanted to thank you for your fantastic Healing Cream. Since having my baby three months ago I have had the worst eczema I have had in about four years. I tried a few other creams and then I remembered the Healing Cream, it worked wonders!"

 Midgie Magic (formerly Sandfly Salve)

Dominic: "About 2 weeks ago I was in Broome Airport waiting for the plane back to Perth, I was browsing in your shop. A helpful lady came to my assistance as I looking at the items. Eventually I bought the Midgie Magic cream as I think it may be useful in future. This afternoon while I was doing gardening, my left elbow was bitten by some unknown creature. It was swollen like a 20cent piece and it was quite painful. I quickly apply the Midgie Magic cream. It was still sore and swollen after an hour or so. Well, I thought the cream might be not working so I just continue with my chores. After dinner when I discussed the cream with my daughter and I rolled up my sleeve and try to show her my swollen elbow. To my big surprise, I could not find the swelling !! The skin was just like normal and I could not find anything abnormal!! Just one application and the swelling and pain gone. Wonderful. Wow!! Thank you so much for this great product. 14/10/19

Rawinia: "I can definitely vouch for your products. I am allergic to insect bites, march flies, mozzis, midgies, sandflies. My body goes into toxic overdrive where I must take a series of antibiotics. I have tried so many other remedies. Your products work for me." 9/11/2012

Australian 4WD Action Online Forums >Damned sandfly bites!: After spending the day bathing my legs in stop itch and scratching myself raw, I would like to know what everyone else does to get over the itchyness of sandfly bites!
Sandfly Salve from the Broome markets. Do a Google search for it. Worked wonders on the wife and she's a Pom who suffered like no one else i know! Urshtnme  24/9/07

Kylee: "I purchased Midgie Magic when in Broome this year and I need more!!! My daughter gets bitten by everything and Midgie Magic is amazing on her. She normally scratches herself crazy and has scars everywhere. She barely scratches with Midgie Magic. We love it and I do tell anyone who bothers to listen. Thanks guys!" 8/8/08

Noelene: "After being on holiday at Steep Point WA where the ranger gave me some of her Sandfly Salve I am sold on the product. So far it is the only product that has given me the relief I need from insect bites. We love Broome but have not been there for a couple of years and because of the sandflies I am reluctant to go back as I usually suffer for a week or more when sandflies get me. It really affects my holidays. Other insects affect me also. Please would you send a catalogue to the following people as I know they have family who suffer from insect bites also... Would you mind if I put a small notice in our local paper in Cervantes telling people about your products with your address, phone no., fax and email?" 18/8/04

Vibrant Waters: "We live in Northern NSW, the beautiful Tweed Valley. One of the not so beautiful aspects of the Tweed Valley are the ticks. Recently, after removing about 100 ticks and suffering from extreme itching, a friend offered me some Sandfly Salve to try. To my amazement it worked. I generally don't use any skin products being natural or not as I suffer from multiple chemical sensitivity, but I seemed to have no negative effects. THANKS!" 8/4/05

Achy Breaky Cream & Lotion

Dr Scott van Barneveld: "Hidden Valley's "Achy Breaky" cream helped immensely when I fractured my heel and tore my ankle tendons. Their cream was the only product that alleviated some of the pain and swelling over many weeks (except codeine). After a liberal dose of Achy Breaky cream I could regain a small amount of movement each time I applied it. Off-the-shelf creams from the pharmacy did nothing. I highly recommend this cream to anyone with muscle, joint and tendon pain or injury. Thanks very much to Hidden Valley Handcrafts for their products!"  26/1/2019


Barni: "I went mustering yesterday morning. Put your sunscreen on at 6 am. Headed off into the hills 7 am. My hat fell off in the first 10 minutes. The wind was blowing a gale at times, out in the open. I was on the horse's back the next three hours. Got my hat back when we returned. All these factors would have seen me pink in the face at least from wind burn. Your sunscreen has passed the test, as well as feeling nice on the skin, especially those sunspots of mine. Thanks Ali, yet again, for providing a product that feels safe to use, and is effective in its purpose."   9/12/04

Yvette: "Thank you for giving me a bottle of your Skinsmart sunscreen and moisturiser to trial. I have used it for 1 1/2 months now. I am a mult-allergy sufferer, and I found your product to be the most friendly, pleasant feeling and deliciously smelling sunscreen I have worn. Unlike all other sunscreens I feel quite safe using it on my skin. Being a visual artist, singer, cook and fresh air & nature lover, my senses are finely tuned. I eat an organic, nutritional diet and do not put toxins like alcohol and cigarette smoke into my body, so my sense of smell and taste is remarkable. Obviously your feel for the finer subtleties is highly tuned as well. In my batch I did agree with you that the teatree was a little too strong, but you have already fixed that. Goodluck with your great product." 13/9/04

Rosehip Regenerative Oil

Lorna-Lisa: "I'm sure you've been told many times already (and so you deserve), but you are an absolute angel! The wonderful oil you gave me, for my burn from radiotherapy, has worked wonders. From the moment I started using it, I felt relief and the whole area is now almost back to normal. You need a magnifying glass to see the difference... I showed my doctor last week and she was very pleased as it had looked very burnt. I feel great. Thank you once again and keep up the good work."  13/9/00

Organic Facial Products

All our thanks to all our wonderful conscientious "Test Bunnies" in 2009. Just a sample of their comments:

Glenys: "I really appreciate having skin products that are non-toxic, ethical etc. and so lovely to use. Thanks for including me in the trial." 

Julie: "Love the gentleness of the exfoliating cleanser (Soothe). Both this and the cleanser are easy, hassle free. Pump bottle is great to use in the shower. I love the simplicity of the regime. Products seems to last for ever. Can't wait to buy some!"

Anon: "My skin is really calm and I haven't suffered near as many breakouts as usual, just the occasional pimple. I would definitely love to continue using these products and was really surprised how well they worked. I love the fact they are organic but in the past the organic products I have tried haven't worked as well as these. Keep up the great work ladies!!!"

Julia: "From the first time I opened the parcel and saw the elgant white containers - each somewhat different - in the neat clear plastic zip-case, I was delighted! Then I opened each container to use and was enchanted with the fragrance, so light, so special. And beautifully textured. And then I used them with great pleasure. "

Anna: "I am currently in the Clare Valley for grape picking, all of my girlfriends live here, all of them have exclaimed at the excellent condition of my skin, some even going so far as to touch it. I am, according to them, looking 10 years younger! These comments came from women who I haven't seen in 3 months and whose reactions were quite spontaneous. Obviously my husband is not to be relied upon in matters of beauty and age!"

Pippa: "Stylish, simple, classy, effective."

Krystyna: "Both cleanser & exfoliant are very efficient and effective. The serum is a wonderful product, easily absorbed, extra hydrating and toning. Divine moisturiser!"

Melanie: "Products arrived (in UK) as new. They like the British weather. Loved the feel of the serum. Felt fresh, light, works well before moisturizer. Helps makeup go on nicely after. Felt moisturizer was just the right amount - only needed a dab. My skin has been feeling great - love using the products, and only need small amounts. I would happily recommend."

Hair & Scalp Treatment

Deb: "I wanted to let you know that the Hair and Scalp Treatment works wonders on the feel of my scalp. I tend to psoriasis on my scalp and this is the most effective treatment I have ever tried. I'm delighted - thanks again for yet another wonderful product." 25/12/2012

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