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Soap Gift Boxes

Soap Gift Boxes

Hidden Valley puts its soaps into various gift boxes for special occasions. Our policy is to maintain transparency - to show customers the cost of extras such as gift boxes. Hence, these boxes cost more than simply buying the same number of soaps unboxed.

We have standard boxes for 3 soaps or 6 soaps, with 2 different box designs to choose from - Broome or Hidden Valley Favourites.

We also offer a Soap Sampler of half blocks , an Assortment of half blocks, and 2 extra 4 soap boxes - Peace, Going Troppo, Wild & Free Kimberley and Soaps for Blokes

The following ranges are available for Soap Gift Boxes

Heart Urchin Soap

Heart Urchin Soap

SO SORRY! SOLD OUT TILL LATE FEBRUARY. They are just made but need to be cured. However, the Heart Urchin Conditioning Shampoos ARE available.

We are excited to present these exquisitely moulded and gift packaged soaps - the top of our range of high class cold process hand made soaps. Essential oils have been doubled for these and care taken to present them well, with an explanatory pamphlet explaining the science of what these are in nature, Hidden Valley's story of creating these, and the ingredients and usage inside.

More information on Heart Urchin Soap

Pearl Soap Ball On Pearl Shell

Pearl soap ball on pearl shell

A very Broomey gift! Beautiful Hidden Valley hand made Pearl soap shaped like a half pearl, shined up with cosmetic grade pearl mica, on a small polished pearl shell. Prices vary from $25 to $28 depending on the size and quality of the shell.

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Pearl Soap Ball In A Box

Pearl soap ball in a box

Our lovely Pearl soap moulded in a half ball shape, lovely in your hand, nestled in a box and shrink wrapped.

More information on Pearl Soap Ball In A Box

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