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This soap evokes Earth from outer space, calling for a caring fresh breath after the world has just paused, a new beginning of proper respect for our Mother.

Gaia soap had a mind of its own! We tried to create a Sun over Sea soap to match our WA honey myrtle + lime + orange collection of beautiful products evoking WA sun setting over our glorious coastline, something all West Australians understand.  But twice, the colours of blue, yellow & white which we chose evolved into beautiful visions of Earth as seen from outer space. What was being said here? What was insisting on coming through?

Our soapmaker said - it's the Earth wanting recognition, it's about taking a new breath after the pause our planet has just taken, a new beginning....

Of course! This is Gaia, our Mother, begging for respect, for new caring attitudes at this wondrous potent moment in her history. She wants us all to remember, each time we wash with this soap, that change begins with each of us, taking responsibility for our footprint on the planet.

For all of us, this was a special creative process, with Spirit at its core, and Joy the result.

Saponified olive oil, coconut, certified sustainable palm and castor oils with  pure essential oils of lemongrass, lemon myrtle, WA honey myrtle, orange and lime.

Colours: cosmetic grade ultramarine blue (CI 77007), yellow brite pigment (CICI 45350, CI47000) , pearl mica and titanium dioxide.

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Gaia Large block $7.00

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