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A fresh and zesty lemony soap, perfect to refresh in hot weather, ideal for Broome's Wet Season or for hot Aussie summers. Superfatted with luscious mango butter.

Lemon colour with dried calendula petals for extra colour and texture (these are not very scratchy).

Saponified WA virgin olive oil, coconut,  sustainable palm and castor oils with mango butter and dried calendula petals, also lemongrass, lemon gum, lemon scented tea tree, cedarwood and lime pure essential oils.


Colour:  Cosmetic grade yellow pigment (CI 11680) and yellow brite pigment (CI 45350 + CI 47000)

Pricing Information
Product Description Price Buy Now Qty

Lemonessence Full block 110 gms labelled $7.00
Lemonessence Half block 55 gms unlabelled $3.50

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