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Kimberley Wet Season Soap

Kimberley Wet Season Soap

Fresh, energizing soap celebrating the lush green explosion of tropical Wet Season growth and easing its sticky lethargy. Contains herbal, citrus, fresh and stimulating essential oils.

Dark green, white and gold marbles on light green background

Saponified WA virgin olive oil, coconut, sustainable palm and castor oils with pure essential oils of rosemary, basil, lime, lemon myrtle, may chang, peppermint and petitgrain.

Colours: cosmetic grade green oxide (CI77288), yellow pigment (CI 11680) & yellow brite pigment (CI45350 + CI 47000), gold mica, pearl mica, titanium dioxide

Pricing Information
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Kimberley Wet Season Soap Full block 110 gms labelled $7.00
Kimberley Wet Season Soap Half block 55 gms unlabelled $3.50

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