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Happy Soap

Happy Soap

This soap looks and smells happy, vibrant with sun and oranges. Wash away sadness and lather up happiness and gratitude.

A bit of history - we first made Happy soap in 2004 to test the reverse osmosis water system we had installed in our new premises at Harriet Road. We were so happy to have moved in and we gave all this first soap away. But our customers wanted more, so Happy Soap became one of our favourites.

Gold and deep yellow marbles on white

Saponified WA virgin olive oil, coconut, sustainable palm and castor oils with pure essential oils of orange, ylang ylang, rosewood and a touch of patchouli.

Colours: cosmetic grade gold mica, citrus orange (CI15985), yellow brite pigment (CI 45350 + CI 47000) and orange brite pigment (CI 45380, CI 15510 + CI 45350)

Pricing Information
Product Description Price Buy Now Qty

Happy Soap Full block 110 gms labelled $7.00
Happy Soap Half block 55 gms unlabelled $3.50

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