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Coffee Scrub

Coffee Scrub

Rough, exfoliating soap wonderful in the kitchen and laundry for really dirty or smelly hands. Ideal for mechanics, gardeners, and cooks. Contains odour eating finely ground Bali and instant coffee, fragranced with vanilla, orange, and spices.

Dark coffee brown

Saponified WA virgin olive oil, coconut, sustainable palm and castor oils with ground (Kopi Bali) and instant coffee, pure essential oils of orange, vetiver, clove, cinnamon, petitgrain and nutmeg, with vanilla fragrant oil.

No added colourants.

Pricing Information
Product Description Price Buy Now Qty

Coffee Scrub Full block 110 gms labelled $7.00
Coffee Scrub Half block 55 gms unlabelled $3.50

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