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Soap Gift Boxes

Soap Gift Boxes

Hidden Valley puts its soaps into various gift boxes for special occasions. Our policy is to maintain transparency - to show customers the cost of extras such as gift boxes. Hence, these boxes cost more than simply buying the same number of soaps unboxed.

We have standard boxes for 3 soaps or 6 soaps, with 2 different box designs to choose from - Broome or Hidden Valley Favourites.

We also offer a Soap Sampler of half blocks , an Assortment of half blocks, and 2 extra 4 soap boxes - Peace, Going Troppo, Wild & Free Kimberley and Soaps for Blokes

The following ranges are available for Soap Gift Boxes

Gift Wrapped Popular Soaps

Gift wrapped popular soaps

We can gift wrap any soap in gold and black cotton fabric and gold double sided satin ribbon (labels inside) to make really beautiful well presented small gifts for numerous occasions. Lovely to have a couple in the cupboard for those occasions when a little touch like this is needed.

Please indicate in the Notes at checkout which soap(s) you choose.

More information on Gift Wrapped Popular Soaps

Christmas Giftlet

Christmas Giftlet

A special Christmas collection of 3 soap half blocks  - Christmas soap of course, and two others - usually Pearl and a green one like Kimberley Wet or Coconut & Lime, or a red like Blossom, or Happy soap, or Sandalwood. Cello wrapped.

More information on Christmas Giftlet

Christmas Box Of 3 Soaps

Christmas Box of 3 soaps

We package a Christmas Goodwill soap with 2 others in our normal 3 soap box, with Christmas stickers - voila! Easy Christmas gift for just about anybody.

Feel free to ask for what you would like in this box, otherwise we will include Christmas soap, another green one (Kimberley Wet or Coconut & Lime), and possibly either Pearl, Blossom, Happy, Lovingkindness or Sandalwood.

More information on Christmas Box Of 3 Soaps

Soaps For Blokes

Soaps for Blokes

Bit of a fun gift for blokes, a box of 3 soaps. We normally include Fisherman's Friend (a sea lathering, fish attracting soap), Sandalwood, Lemonessence, Saltwater Country (minty & fresh), Ancient Rock (spicy) or Coffee Soap (exfoliating, great for really dirty hands). Let us know what you would prefer as men do like almost all our soaps!

More information on Soaps For Blokes

Soap Offcuts 1 Kg Or 500gm Bag

Soap Offcuts 1 kg or 500gm bag

1 kilo or 500gm mixed Hidden Valley soap offcuts, unchopped, ideal for making soap mitts, or soap sachets, or even laundry soap in soft water areas. Some slices or pieces are big enough for guest soaps. Some people simply fill a bowl as pot pourri to scent a room. Others squish them together, or give them to the kids (less wasted in the water!).

These are the slices and pieces that are cut off the sides of our large blocks when they pass through our cutting machine. They have been cured (dried). 

More information on Soap Offcuts 1 Kg Or 500gm Bag

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