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Soap Full And Half Blocks

Soap full and half blocks

Our standard large soaps weigh approximately 100 -110 grams, and measure approximately 6 x 6.5 x 3 cm. They come labelled with paper cigar wrappers. We aim to have good stocks of all these available at all times. Weights and sizes vary with age - older soaps are harder as they have evaporated more of their water content. 

In addition, you can usually purchase half blocks, which are thinner, approximately 6 x 6.5 x 1.5 cm. Every time we cut a big block of newly made soap, we cut just one layer of half soap blocks. Mostly we use these in our gift boxes - Assortments and Large Samplers. We do not always have every kind of soap half block in stock and please note that half blocks do not normally have individual labels.

Sometimes we have some soap specials (often soaps with little colour, or superceded soaps) at 4 soaps for $15. Feel free to phone (08)91937036 for more details.

We also gift wrap our most popular soaps in cotton fabric and satin ribbon. These make a really beautiful, small, handmade gift - great for a hostess, teacher, or anyone needing a token of appreciation and love.

The following ranges are available for Soap Full And Half Blocks

Gift Wrapped Popular Soaps

Gift wrapped popular soaps

We can gift wrap any soap in gold and black cotton fabric and gold double sided satin ribbon (labels inside) to make really beautiful well presented small gifts for numerous occasions. Lovely to have a couple in the cupboard for those occasions when a little touch like this is needed.

Please indicate in the Notes at checkout which soap(s) you choose.

More information on Gift Wrapped Popular Soaps

Ancient Rock

Ancient Rock

A beautiful spicy soap inspired by the extraordinary rock formations found around Broome and throughout the Kimberley.

Red, yellow and black oxide marbles on white background, emerging beautifully as the soap is used

More information on Ancient Rock



An unashamedly floral and romantic soap with pure floral essential oils, dried rose petals and some rose fragrant oil.

Deep coral or watermelon red

More information on Blossom

Broome Bug Soap

Broome Bug Soap

A fresh and antiseptic soap useful to stave off infection and to help repel insects. This makes it a perfect soap to take camping. It is also useful when the mozzies or midges are out, or when children have cuts or sores on their skin. Contains neem oil, a natural insecticide, and insect deterring, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal pure essential oils.

Turquoise marble on white background

More information on Broome Bug Soap

Cable Beach Sunset Soap

Cable Beach Sunset Soap

Relaxing, pampering soap made in homage to sunsets over beautiful Cable Beach. Our biggest selling soap, a favourite among Broome locals.

Deep pink and orange marbles on yellow background

More information on Cable Beach Sunset Soap

Coconut & Lime

Coconut & Lime

A gentle, creamy and fresh tropical vegetable soap, a welcome contrast to those heady tropical flowers and fruits.

Pale lime and bronze marbles on white

More information on Coconut & Lime

Coffee Scrub

Coffee Scrub

Rough, exfoliating soap wonderful in the kitchen and laundry for really dirty or smelly hands. Ideal for mechanics, gardeners, and cooks. Contains odour eating finely ground Bali and instant coffee, fragranced with vanilla, orange, and spices.

Dark coffee brown

More information on Coffee Scrub

Fisherman's Friend

Fisherman's Friend

This is a specialized, limited edition soap, designed to lather well in sea water and also to attract fish. It's the perfect soap for fishermen and boaties to take out on the water. Contains fish attracting pure essential oil of Chinese star anise, together with anti-bacterial tea tree and pine, with pumice for extra cleansing power.

Extra coconut oil is used in this soap to provide the boosted lather required for sea water use. The soap is super fatted with mango butter to counteract any dryness.

More information on Fisherman's Friend

Frangipani & Friends

Frangipani & Friends

A soap redolent of the tropics, fragranced with exotic flowers, fruits and spices.

Pink and yellow marbles on white, inspired by the tropical fruit frangipani found around Broome

More information on Frangipani & Friends

Full Moon Rising Soap

Full Moon Rising Soap

A rich, sensual, relaxing and exotic soap made in homage to impressive golden moons rising in splendour over Roebuck Bay. The moon is very important in Broome, since the town is surrounded by water and the moon's phases are used to calculate the tides, always important for fishing, boating and all activities by the ocean.

Colour is predominantly gold, with pearl marble

More information on Full Moon Rising Soap

Happy Soap

Happy Soap

This soap looks and smells happy, vibrant with sun and oranges. Wash away sadness and lather up happiness and gratitude.

A bit of history - we first made Happy soap in 2004 to test the reverse osmosis water system we had installed in our new premises at Harriet Road. We were so happy to have moved in and we gave all this first soap away. But our customers wanted more, so Happy Soap became one of our favourites.

More information on Happy Soap

Kimberley Wet Season Soap

Kimberley Wet Season Soap

Fresh, energizing soap celebrating the lush green explosion of tropical Wet Season growth and easing its sticky lethargy. Contains herbal, citrus, fresh and stimulating essential oils.

Dark green, white and gold marbles on light green background

More information on Kimberley Wet Season Soap



A fresh and zesty lemony soap, perfect to refresh in hot weather, ideal for Broome's Wet Season or for hot Aussie summers. Superfatted with luscious mango butter.

Lemon colour with dried calendula petals for extra colour and texture (these are not very scratchy).

More information on Lemonessence



A beautiful floral & slightly spicy, soft, romantic soap to encourage hearts to expand to give and receive love. With pure essential oils of rose geranium, rosewood, clary sage, vetiver, patchouli, a dash of cinnamon and rose fragrant oils, and calendula petals.

This soap combines many properties of our previous Hope Soap and Wildrose.

More information on Lovingkindness

Go Mango Soap

Go Mango Soap

A limited edition playful fruity soap celebrating Broome's crazy, hot, exuberant November mango season. This soap is  fragranced with a fresh zesty high class mango fragrant oil, not so sweet. Available while the 1 batch lasts.


More information on Go Mango Soap

Pearl Soap

Pearl Soap

Back in stock!

Luxurious, nourishing, pearly textured soap gently fragranced to suit both men and women. 

More information on Pearl Soap

Pearl Soap Balls

Pearl soap balls

Our lovely Pearl soap, nourishing, gently fragranced, uncoloured and naturally off-white, shaped into a half ball. This sits easily in your hand, no corners! Comes with a small card explaining the ingredients.

More information on Pearl Soap Balls

Purity (goats Milk)

Purity (Goats Milk)

A pure, mild creamy goats milk soap ideal for babies and sensitive skins, hand made with care.

Pale caramel colour (natural, no colourants)

More information on Purity (goats Milk)

Saltwater Country Soap

Saltwater Country Soap


Fresh marine soap celebrating the exquisite clear turquoise waters of the Kimberley coast, and the fresh smell of balmy sea breezes and saltwater paperbarks.

More information on Saltwater Country Soap

Sandalwood Soap

Sandalwood Soap

Luxurious, slightly exfoliating soap with the earthy-spicy aroma of sandalwood, and a marble of ground cinnamon and ground sandalwood.

Brown marble on white

More information on Sandalwood Soap

Spirit Of Broome

Spirit of Broome

An earthy but fresh and warm hearted soap, like beautiful Broometown with its gorgeous coastline, sea breezes and relaxed, creative & multi-cultural vibe.  

Each soap is like a landscape painting, in blue, green, white and pindan red.

More information on Spirit Of Broome

Transformation Soap

Transformation Soap

A soap to assist in the transformation from ego based duality toward unity and opening the loving heart.  With Flossey sea salt and added emollients - mango butter and Avocado Dry Skin Nourishing Cream, with citrine cyrstal essence and carefully chosen pure essential oils including rose for the heart. The salt is not scratchy at all. An ideal soap to use after stressful events, contact with troubled people, or emotional upheavals, to refresh, revive and uplift the energy field. Don't forget to add the power of clear intention!

(Formerly: Pranic Cleansing Soap)

More information on Transformation Soap

Wild & Free Kimberley Soap

Wild & Free Kimberley Soap

A soap to help cherish and protect our beloved Kimberley wilderness from mega extraction industries. Donations from the proceeds of this soap go to environmental conservation and protection groups. Contains pure essential oils to nurture strong nature and heart connections - spikenard and cedarwood in the base, lemon scented ironbark from Cape York and honey myrtle from WA, ginger, lime and coriander for the tropics. 

Recently redesigned with new colours and fragrance, this has been wildly popular at the Broome markets.

More information on Wild & Free Kimberley Soap

Pearl Soap Ball On Pearl Shell

Pearl soap ball on pearl shell

A very Broomey gift! Beautiful Hidden Valley hand made Pearl soap shaped like a half pearl, shined up with cosmetic grade pearl mica, on a small polished pearl shell. Prices vary from $25 to $28 depending on the size and quality of the shell.

More information on Pearl Soap Ball On Pearl Shell

Pearl Soap Ball In A Box

Pearl soap ball in a box

Our lovely Pearl soap moulded in a half ball shape, lovely in your hand, nestled in a box and shrink wrapped.

More information on Pearl Soap Ball In A Box

Soap Stand Bamboo

Soap Stand Bamboo

Solid bamboo soap stand with 2 drainage holes.

Any soap can be tied on with raffia or shrink wrapped with a decoration ($15, see Gift Collections).

More information on Soap Stand Bamboo

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