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Fisherman's Friend

Fisherman's Friend

This is a specialized, limited edition soap, designed to lather well in sea water and also to attract fish. It's the perfect soap for fishermen and boaties to take out on the water. Contains fish attracting pure essential oil of Chinese star anise, together with anti-bacterial tea tree and pine, with pumice for extra cleansing power.

Extra coconut oil is used in this soap to provide the boosted lather required for sea water use. The soap is super fatted with mango butter to counteract any dryness.

Colour: black with opal-like swirls of blue and green.

Saponified coconut oil, olive & castor oils, with mango butter for extra emollience.

Cosmetic grade burnt sienna & black oxides with ultramarine blue and chromium green.

Pricing Information
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Fisherman's Friend Full block $7.00
Fisherman's Friend Half block no label $3.50

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