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Solid Shampoos

Solid Shampoos

We have solid shampoos which are not soaps. Think of them as large bottles of high quality health food shop  shampoo without the water, lasting as least as long, and possibly quite a bit longer. One lady had hers last 2 years! Why do we make them like this?

First, it eliminates the need for any preservatives, as waterless products do not need to be preserved. And preservatives are possibly the most controversial ingredients in any skin and hair care products. So we sidestep any problems here.

Secondly, it's convenience. They are simple to use, no mess, no spills, and are particularly handy for travellers. Kids like them too, and men and reluctant boys find them simple to use. Our dog shampoo is really handy - it saves you the hand that used to be holding on to the bottle, which can now hold on to the pooch.

The shampoos are based on a solid surfactant (sodium cocoyl isethionate, derived from coconut oil) which is really mild, skin friendly and makes wonderful soft lather.

Give them a try!

The following ranges are available for Solid Shampoos

Teddy Shampoo

Teddy Shampoo

Mild solid kiddies' shampoo bar made in a teddy mould, with children's pure essential oil blend.

More information on Teddy Shampoo

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