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Hydrosols & Mists

Hydrosols & Mists

Both these are lovely toning sprays to use after cleansing and also to freshen up in hot or dry weather. Many people ask what is the difference?

Hydrosols are watery by-products of the steam distillation process used to extract pure essential oils. They are very pure - can actually be ingested safely - and contain some of the essential oil extracted. Our hydrosols are Certified Organic.

Mists are made from essential oils, purified water, a solubulizer to help disperse the oils in the water, and possible other ingredients such as aloe, witch hazel, preservative etc. We make 2 toning Mists - Rose and Lavender - as well as special purpose mists - Sacred Self, Sacred Space,  and our antiviral Bush Breathe Travel Spray.

If you want to make your own spray, we suggest you do this with an essential oil or blend, and our Solubulizer, mixed well in equal quantities in any spray bottle, then water added. The Solubulizer (polysorbate 20) includes instructions for this. 

In addition, see our Body Sprays for deodorising purposes.

The following ranges are available for Hydrosols & Mists

Mandarin And Orange Blossom

Mandarin and Orange Blossom

A delightful, deeply calming mist spray encouraging relaxation and sleep at times of insomnia and restlessness. Totally safe for children - in fact it was first designed for parents to help calm very sick children in Princess Margaret Hospital. Includes beautiful bush flower essences to encourage optimism, joy and freedom from worry or too much obsessive thinking.

Shake well. Spray with love around the head and upper body, closing eyes.

More information on Mandarin And Orange Blossom

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