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Woman Wellbeing

Woman Wellbeing

A new category of products designed to assist women who wish to take charge of their own health and wellbeing in natural ways. 

Naturally, most of our products are helpful for women. This category singles out some of the most useful products for common women's issues (as opposed to human issues). We intend this category to grow and expand! 

The following ranges are available for Woman Wellbeing

Yummy Yoni Balm

Yummy Yoni Balm

A benign, soothing and moisturising all natural organic herbal balm for dry, thinning vaginal (yoni) skin and atrophy. Ideal for succulent women of wisdom. We have taken organic virgin olive oil and infused organic herbs wild yam, agnus castus (vitex), calendula and comfrey into this for a minimum of 6 weeks. We then thickened the oil a little with organic beeswax, and added an anti-oxidant natural Vitamin E. That's all - safe and soothing.

Apply, with love, at night before bed or after showering. Safe for intercourse too. 

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