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What's New?

What's New?

These are our latest newest products - soaps, skin care, essential oil blends, candles. Naturally we have to drop some of the old ones, and inevitably there is a sudden run on those! But change is great, a fact of life. And we appreciate feedback of any kind about what you really like or what you don't!

The following ranges are available for What's New?

Protect Hand Sanitizer Spray

Protect Hand Sanitizer Spray

March 24th 2020: Sorry the 125mls in plastic  are not available until we can get new mist sprays. And there is a limit of only 2 x 50ml bottles for each customer, while stocks last.

A gentle but effective alcohol based hand sanitizer with essential oils based on the classic "Thieves' Blend" said to be used by grave-robbers at the time of the bubonic plague in Europe. These are highly anti-viral, anti-bacterial and antiseptic essential oils, and Hidden Valley has added Australian kunzea for extra protection. These oils are skin irritants when used in concentrated form, but perfect when diluted in alcohol, oil or gel.

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