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Conditioners For Hair

Conditioners for Hair

We offer a hair & scalp treatment for dry, itchy, irritated scalp (also good for psoriasis), a liquid conditioner for normal hair in two aromas, and a solid conditioner bar (for cool weather times only).

The following ranges are available for Conditioners For Hair

Hair & Scalp Conditioning Treatment

Hair & Scalp Conditioning Treatment

Long term use of cheap shampoos leads to dry, scaly, itchy scalp and dry lustreless hair. Revitalize the hair & scalp with this treatment which is also helpful for eczema and psoriasis sufferers.

We infused Australian macadamia oil with skin soothing herbs such as calendula, chamomile, chickweed, elderflower, burdock, mallow and yarrow, then added some other lovely oils, lots of Vitamin E, and pure essential oils.

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