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Baby & Mother Products

Baby & Mother Products

We take special care to produce extremely safe products for babies and pregnant or breastfeeding mothers - when in doubt we always take a conservative view, choosing only ingredients which are completely harmless. Ingredients are also organic where possible.

The Bonny Bum ointment is extremely popular with Broome mothers to avoid and treat nappy rash. It is also an ideal soother for Mum's post partum tender areas. We take care to infuse organic herbs in organic olive oil over time and add safe anti-oxidants and low dosages of appropriate essential oils.

The Nipple Nourish is similar but with no essential oils so that it is completely safe to ingest.

Pregnant Mums - it's important to use a good massage oil from your 4th month to avoid stretch marks and keep the belly & breast skin moist and flexible.

For the birth - clary sage is the ultimate uterus relaxant of course, and is used in the Welcome to the World massage oil. You could also put a drop in a bowl of warm water and soak a cloth in it, then lay on the uterus area.    Dont use clary in a burner in the birthing area though - its not great for the midwives and helpers. Anectodally those who have smelled it to excess for a long time and then had an alcoholic drink can hallucinate.

If you would like a free Ebook on How to Avoid an Episiotomy from Wish4Life in the US (Dr Sandy Bevaqua) - do phone or email us. 

Best wishes!

The following ranges are available for Baby & Mother Products



Back by public demand after we stopped making this very complex and messy-to-make product! It requires ALL our pots and the zinc is immensely difficult to clean off! 

An all natural non-irritating tinted moisturizing lotion designed to give protection from harmful UVA and UVB rays as well as general environmental damage from harsh Australian conditions. Use it as an everyday protective moisturizer or as a sunscreen for prolonged sun exposure. Safe for babies. Not completely waterproof - reapply after swimming. The main active ingredient is zinc oxide 8 per cent - this is not micronized, so it cannot cross the skin barrier and neither does it give a ghosting effect. The green and black tea with the white zinc oxide in Skinsmart give the product a beige colour - it can double as a natural foundation. To date we have never encountered anyone sensitive to this product, including very young children.

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