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Pestoff Heavy Duty Spray Concentrate

Pestoff Heavy Duty Spray Concentrate

NEW in 2014 - our radical solution to combat the plague proportions of mozzies which can make life difficult in the Kimberley from February to May, at the end of the Wet. And, of course,  for similar conditions throughout Australia at various times. We wanted a heavy duty natural but effective Pestoff trigger spray which can be kept at the front door and easily applied all over whenever gardening, building and other outdoor activities are sabotaged by clouds of mozzies. So here it is:

An all natural herbal, neem and essential oil spray concentrate to discourage bites, in tropical strength. And feedback is unanimous that it works! The critters buzz around, but won't land on sprayed skin. We made a concentrate in a 100ml glass bottle which can easily be sent by mail order.  You don't pay freight for water. This concentrate makes up 500ml of spray. You can either purchase the empty good quality trigger spray bottle from us, or buy your own from a hardware or gardening store.

Simply pour the 100ml concentrate into your 500ml bottle, top up with water, shake well and use. If your bottle holds less, use 1 part concentrate to every 4 parts water (eg. 20ml or 1 Tablespoon concentrate plus 80ml water for a 100ml bottle).

Contains: local plant extracts, neem oil, polysorbate 20 (harmless solubulizer to make the spray homogenous), pure essential oils of eucalyptus citriodora, spike lavender, geranium, kunzea and peppermint, benzylalcohol-DHA (preservative).

Active ingredients - neem and essential oils, plant extracts.

Pricing Information
Product Description Price Buy Now Qty

Pestoff Heavy Duty Spray Concentrate 100ml glass bottle of Pestoff concentrate $25.00
Pestoff Heavy Duty Spray Concentrate 500ml empty plastic trigger spray bottle $4.00

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