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Midgie Magic

Midgie Magic

Midgie Magic (formerly Sandfly Salve) was designed many years ago to help newcomers to Broome cope with biting midges and other insects. This cream is to put on after you have been bitten, as subsequent swelling, itching and infection following midge bites is the main problem. The cream helps to soothe, reduce the itch, disinfect and heal up bites with natural anti-inflammatory ingredients. Works also on bee stings and even, so we are told, on Scottish midgies! (However, it doesn't work on centipede bites - resign yourself to four or five hours of pain!)

Make sure you download the pamphlet "Biting Midges in Broome" for more information to understand and cope with them. If this link doesnt work, try going to the Downloads tab and accessing it from there.

Apply frequently until bites have healed. Can be used in conjunction with Herbal Skin Calm, a cooling soothing gel for all itchy skin conditions.

Of the many testimonials for Midgie Magic -

“the only product that has given me the relief I need from insect bites”     (Noelene).

Mentioned in On the Road magazine without any soliciting by us: “Get Sandfly Salve (now Midgie Magic) from the Broome markets. Do a google search for it. Worked wonders on the wife and she’s a Pom who suffered like no-one else I know!” (Urshnme)

Please note that an unlucky few will have severe reactions to midge bites, requiring medical attention and anti-histamines.

Purified water, chamomile and calendula extracts and infused oils, evening primrose, jojoba, rosehip, wheatgerm and carrot oils, emulsifying wax NF, witch hazel, beeswax, hydroxypropyl starch phosphate, chickweed & plantain extracts, vegetable glycerine, Vitamin E, pure essential oils of lavender, tickbush (kunzea ambigua), niaouli, German chamomile, frankincense & rosalina (Melaleuca ericifolia), fragrance (natural plant derived preservative), potassium sorbate.

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Midgie Magic 120ml $35.00
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