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Achy Breaky Lotion

Achy Breaky Lotion

All the goodies in our popular Achy Breaky cream, but in lotion consistency, in a convenient PET plastic pump pack, easy for travel and ideal for practitioners or for people who need to use lots.

Local Broome chiropractors and physiotherapists use this lotion. The primary active ingredient is arnica. It is not suitable for pregnant women or on broken skin.

Purified water, arnica, hypericum and comfrey infused oils, flaxseed oil, arnica, comfrey and hypericum extracts, beeswax and emusifying wax NF, witch hazel, glycerine, Vitamin E,  maize thickener, pure essential oils of kunzea, sweet marjoram, lemongrass, ginger, juniper and peppermint, fragrance (natural plant derived preservative), potassium sorbate.     

Pricing Information
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Achy Breaky Lotion 500 mls with pump $75.00
Achy Breaky Lotion 250 mls with pump $45.00

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