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What's New?

What's New?

These are our latest newest products - soaps, skin care, essential oil blends, candles. Naturally we have to drop some of the old ones, and inevitably there is a sudden run on those! But change is great, a fact of life. And we appreciate feedback of any kind about what you really like or what you don't!

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Christmas Gift Collections

Christmas Gift Collections

At Christmas we make our traditional Christmas Goodwill soap, and package these and our Peace, Celebration and Lemon Myrtle & Lime soy candles in various formats to make delightful gifts intended for hosts and hostesses, neighbours, family and friends who are hard to buy for. Or perhaps just for that extra forgotten person.

Together these make lovely hand made gifts. You can easily find something exquisite and unique for $10 or under. We are proud to be producers in Australia. There seem to be ever fewer businesses left which actually make things!

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Room And Linen Sprays

Room and Linen Sprays

We suggest you make your own, tailor made to your own taste, and much cheaper.

Choose an essential oil or blend and our Solubulizer. Also purchase a spray bottle. Mix essential oil(s) extremely well with equal quantity of solubulizer, then add water. Detailed instructions are on the Solubulizer bottle.

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Health Helpers (including Midgie Magic, Healing Cream, Achy Breaky Etc.)

Health Helpers (including Midgie Magic, Healing Cream, Achy Breaky etc.)

These skin care products are designed to help your body's natural defense and healing systems, using age old herbal remedies and modern scientific plant knowledge. No preparation should replace medical attention for serious ailments.

Please note that we are not qualified naturopaths. We simply have some experience with, knowledge of, and respect for herbs, essential oils and cosmetic raw materials. Many of these products were designed years ago, and their helpfulness and efficacy has been proven countless times via the feedback we have received over the years from our customers. Over this time, our respect for plant power in supporting the body's own healing processes has deepened.

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Body And Hand Wash

Body and Hand Wash

Really luxurious and safe emollient bath and hand wash gels for those who prefer to use liquids to wash with. pH balanced, using mild and safe cleansers decyl polyglucose and cocobetaine, with moisturizing sucrose cocoate and glyceryl cocoate. These will not strip your skin oils and they feel really kind to your skin. Use them to fill your liquid soap dispensers for hand wash, or straight from the plastic pump pack.

We offer 5 different aroma blends.

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Body Lotions

Body Lotions

Simple, light, easily absorbed body lotions made only from beautiful cold pressed Australian macadamia and jojoba oils, with purified water,  emulsifying wax, Vitamin E, a non-paraben preservative and pure essential oils. Compare the huge list of chemicals in supermarket body lotions!

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Woman Wellbeing

Woman Wellbeing

A new category of products designed to assist women who wish to take charge of their own health and wellbeing in natural ways. 

Naturally, most of our products are helpful for women. This category singles out some of the most useful products for common women's issues (as opposed to human issues). We intend this category to grow and expand! 

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Conditioners For Hair

Conditioners for Hair

We offer a hair & scalp treatment for dry, itchy, irritated scalp (also good for psoriasis), a liquid conditioner for normal hair in two aromas, and a solid conditioner bar (for cool weather times only).

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