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What's New?

What's New?

These are our latest newest products - soaps, skin care, essential oil blends, candles. Naturally we have to drop some of the old ones, and inevitably there is a sudden run on those! But change is great, a fact of life. And we appreciate feedback of any kind about what you really like or what you don't!

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Hidden Valley Eye Serum With Kimberley Boab Oil

Hidden Valley Eye Serum with Kimberley Boab Oil

We finally figured out how to stop our former much loved eye gel from separating! It has now morphed into an even better product, now incorporating locally sourced pure boab oil, which is said to counteract sagging skin around the eyes. Tested on animals (our STAFF!) - they all love it! Eyes feel wide open and zinging. This is a densely rich product, packed with tightening, collagen - producing, anti-oxidant and hydrating actives, and you only need a tiny amount dotted around the eye and gently massaged in from inner to outer corner. Apply nightly, and add mornings under moisturiser & sunscreen if you wish. We were mindful of being really gentle, and have not added essential oils, preferring to make the serum with just pure hydrosols for light aroma. 

We have sourced some serum pumps for this one, but it takes a lot of pumps to raise the serum when you first use them, so don't give up! It will eventually rise up the fine tube.

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