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Ubtan Vata Cleansing Powder

Ubtan Vata Cleansing Powder

Totally natural, gentle, toxin free facial cleanser made from finely ground grains and herbs. Suitable for normal or dry skin (which is most of our customers!).

Mix 1 teaspoon to a paste in a small mixing bowl with milk, water or rosewater. Add a few drops of oil if skin is very dry. Gently massage in and rinse clean.

To complete the totally natural (non-synthetic) skin care regime, we suggest you follow cleansing with an organic hydrosol (Rose, Sandalwood or Neroli) to tone, and a few drops of either Vata Precious Facial Oil, Precious Facial Oil for Succulent Women of Wisdom or Rosehip Regenerative Oil Blend to moisturise.     

Ubtan mixing bowls and Pearlshell mixing spoons are available in Accessories.

Finely ground oatmeal, rice, rice bran, lentil & chickpea flours,  French Argiletz clay, finely ground sandalwood, lavender, rose, chamomile, calendula, elderflower, tulsi (holy basil), slippery elm, ashwaganda, pure essential oils of rosewood, palma rosa and patchouli.

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Ubtan Vata Cleansing Powder 200 gm $28.00
Ubtan Vata Cleansing Powder 100 gm $17.00

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