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Rosehip Regenerative Oil Blend

Rosehip Regenerative Oil Blend

A gentle,  luxurious oil blend designed to encourage skin cell regeneration in the treatment of scarring after surgery or accident, burns or just mature skin with environmental damage. Hence it doubles as a superb moisturizer if a few drops are applied to a damp face after cleansing. The major ingredient is  rosehip oil, a renowned cell regenerator, together with healing calendula infused oil and penetrating jojoba. We then add lots of anti-oxidant Vitamin E and some really beautiful cicatrizant and healing pure essential oils.

Apply sparingly to damp skin and gently massage in.

Rose hip oil, calendula infused and jojoba oils, Vitamin E, pure essential oils of lavender, rose, immortelle (helichrysum), frankincense and myrrh.

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Rosehip Regenerative Oil Blend 50 ml with dripolator $40.00
Rosehip Regenerative Oil Blend 10 ml with dripolator $15.00

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