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Precious Facial Oil Pitta

Precious Facial Oil Pitta

A specially formulated precious facial oil blend for blemished, troubled or combination skin. We take cold pressed macadamia oil and infuse it over months with healing and soothing herb, then add penetrative jojoba and nourishing evening primrose and borage seed oils, with anti-oxidant and healing essential oils.

It is a mistake to think that oily troubled skin needs to be stripped of its oils and kept unmoisturized. The skin responds by making more oil. It is better to use a very gentle cleanser such as the Ubtan Pitta herbal cleansing paste, following by a small amount of a balancing and healing moisturizer.

Apply a few drops to damp face after cleansing.

Cold pressed macadamia oil infused with chamomile, calendula, nettle, elderflower, burdock, mallow and horsetail, jojoba, evening primrose & borage seed oils, Vitamin E, pure essential oils of lavender Tasmanian, tea tree, Roman chamomile and helichrysum (immortelle).   

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Precious Facial Oil Pitta 50 ml with dripolater $25.00

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