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Hidden Valley make 3 different classic moisturising creams which are lovely but inexpensive. These are Avocado Cream (the best for dry skin), Rose Cream (normal to dry) and Almond & Calendula (normal or troubled). We have offered these for many years. They contain lovely carrier oils and essential oils, and use a vegetable derived safe emulsifying wax which we make ourselves from a special recipe, to join the oil and water phases together. The preservative used in these is reliable Phenonip, which does contain paraben preservatives. If you have any concerns about this, either choose one of our other options below, or phone for more information.

For those who really want no synthetic additives whatsoever (that is, in the main, no emulsifiers or preservatives) we offer 4 different Precious Facial Oils in 50ml glass bottles. These are mixtures of beautiful cold pressed base oils with Vitamin E and pure essential oils. We offer Vata (normal to dry skin), matching our Ubtan Vata cleanser, Pitta (blemished/troubled skin) matching our Ubtan Pitta cleanser. Also, we offer Precious Facial Oil for Succulent Women of Wisdom (mature skin) and Rose Hip Regenerative Oil Blend, which is wonderful for cell regeneration to treat scarring or just facial wrinkles.

Finally, for the ultimate organic moisturisers, the best we can currently formulate, with the most natural certified organic or plant derived ingredients and in more expensive attractive packaging, we offer our new Soothe Moisturiser (for sensitive or unbalanced skin) or Rejuvenate Moisturiser (for dry or mature skin).

The following ranges are available for Moisturisers

Rejuvenate Moisturizer

Rejuvenate Moisturizer

Our pure, rich and effective organic moisturizer for women with dry or mature skin. Jam packed with nourishing, replenishing ingredients including skin nurturing carrier oils and emollients, skin loving and heart nourishing Rose and Roman chamomile essential oils and hydrosols, anti ageing, strengthening, elasticising and anti oxidant plant extracts, skin nourishing vitamins A, B, C & E, CoEnzymeQ10 - an expensive but effective anti-oxidant which helps prevent wrinkles and sagging, and bush flower essences selected to balance and nurture the feminine.

Only a tiny amount is needed of this rich, packed with goodies cream.

More information on Rejuvenate Moisturizer

Almond & Calendula Moisturiser

Almond & Calendula Moisturiser

This is a light and gentle moisturiser, designed especially for normal to oily, acneous or combination skins. It also makes a lovely hand cream. The calendula infused oil and extract in it helps heal any skin problems. (We love calendula, the ancient faithful healing herb for skin problems.)

More information on Almond & Calendula Moisturiser

Avocado Dry Skin Nourishing Cream

Avocado Dry Skin Nourishing Cream

A facial cream designed initially for the parched, dry skin that can plague Kimberley residents during the Dry Season. Use it whenever your skin feels really dry. The richest of the non-organic facial moisturisers, with the heaviest oil component and lovely emollient ingredients. Now redesigned with a natural preservative, olive squalane, and a softer fragrance.

We also use this emulsion in our Pearl soap, giving it a wonderful silky texture.

More information on Avocado Dry Skin Nourishing Cream

Rose Cream

Rose Cream

A luxurious but light, easily absorbed facial moisturiser for normal to dry or mature skin. This cream uses beautiful but expensive Rosa damascena, the best rose of all. We have recently improved the formula with olive squalane and Naticide, a natural, though costly, preservative.

Supplied in glass tubs. Use a spatula to extend shelf life.

More information on Rose Cream

Precious Facial Oil For Succulent Women Of Wisdom

Precious Facial Oil for Succulent Women of Wisdom

Gentle and luxurious, a wonderful blend of rich and nourishing cold pressed oils for mature skin.

Apply a few drops to damp face after cleansing and gently massage in.  

More information on Precious Facial Oil For Succulent Women Of Wisdom

Rosehip Regenerative Oil Blend

Rosehip Regenerative Oil Blend

A gentle,  luxurious oil blend designed to encourage skin cell regeneration in the treatment of scarring after surgery or accident, burns or just mature skin with environmental damage. Hence it doubles as a superb moisturizer if a few drops are applied to a damp face after cleansing. The major ingredient is  rosehip oil, a renowned cell regenerator, together with healing calendula infused oil and penetrating jojoba. We then add lots of anti-oxidant Vitamin E and some really beautiful cicatrizant and healing pure essential oils.

Apply sparingly to damp skin and gently massage in.

More information on Rosehip Regenerative Oil Blend

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