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Hibiscus & Luffa Facial Scrub

Hibiscus & Luffa Facial Scrub

This is a really gentle facial scrub for sensitive skin, in a beautiful emulsified pure virgin coconut and organic shea butter base, with castor sugar, finely ground bamboo, luffa and hibiscus and gentle essential oils similar to the Venus range. 

170 gm in a PET clear plastic pot.

Castor sugar, organic virgin coconut oil, organic shea butter, ground luffa & hibiscus, emulsifying wax NF, vitamin E, optiphen (paraben free preservative), rosemary leaf extract, red mica, pure essential oils of grapefruit, sandalwood, palma rosa, geranium, clary sage and Roman chamomile.  

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Hibiscus & Luffa Facial Scrub 180 gms $25.00

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