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Mandarin And Orange Blossom

Mandarin and Orange Blossom

A delightful, deeply calming mist spray encouraging relaxation and sleep at times of insomnia and restlessness. Totally safe for children - in fact it was first designed for parents to help calm very sick children in Princess Margaret Hospital. Includes beautiful bush flower essences to encourage optimism, joy and freedom from worry or too much obsessive thinking.

Shake well. Spray with love around the head and upper body, closing eyes.

Certified organic Bulgarian rose & lavender hydrosols, non-ethoxylated polysorbate 20, pure essential oils of mandarin, neroli, lavender and Roman chamomile, rose quartz crystal essence, Crowea, Sunshine Wattle and Boronia Australian Bush Flower essences.

Crowea: A remedy for too much worry, restores peace and calm, vitality, balancing and centering, emotional clarity

Sunshine Wattle: Remedy for grim expectations, struggle & being stuck in the past, restores optimism, acceptance of the beauty and joy in the present, opening to a bright future

Boronia: Remedy for obsessive thought, pining, broken heartedness, restores clarity, serenity, creative visualization abilities

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Mandarin and Orange Blossom 125 mls PET & spray $20.00

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