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Apothecary (including Midgie Magic, Healing Cream, Achy Breaky Etc.)

Apothecary (including Midgie Magic, Healing Cream, Achy Breaky etc.)

These skin care products are designed to help your body's natural defense and healing systems, using age old herbal remedies and modern scientific plant knowledge. No preparation should replace medical attention for serious ailments.

Please note that we are not qualified naturopaths. We simply have some experience with, knowledge of, and respect for herbs, essential oils and cosmetic raw materials. Many of these products were designed years ago, and their helpfulness and efficacy has been proven countless times via the feedback we have received over the years from our customers. Over this time, our respect for plant power in supporting the body's own healing processes has deepened. And Ali has never forgotten a beautiful old apothecary she once saw as part of the WA Museum. When pharmacists actually made potions, in an ancient helpful healing tradition based on plant power.

The following ranges are available for Apothecary (including Midgie Magic, Healing Cream, Achy Breaky Etc.)

Bush Breathe Travel Spray

Bush Breathe Travel Spray

March 24th 2020: Sorry the 125mls in plastic  are not available until we can get new mist sprays. And there is a limit of only 2 x 50ml bottles for each customer, while stocks last.

An ideal mist for plane travel and for crowded spaces, or as a room spray - contains the same anti-viral and anti-infectious essential oils as the Bush Breathe Essential Oil Blend.

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Mandarin And Orange Blossom

Mandarin and Orange Blossom

A delightful, deeply calming mist spray encouraging relaxation and sleep at times of insomnia and restlessness. Totally safe for children - in fact it was first designed for parents to help calm very sick children in Princess Margaret Hospital. Includes beautiful bush flower essences to encourage optimism, joy and freedom from worry or too much obsessive thinking.

Shake well. Spray with love around the head and upper body, closing eyes.

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