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Foot Products

Foot Products

We have developed a range of products for people who work on their feet, or suffer from hot, tired weary feet for whatever reason. Most of us neglect our feet, which are in need of pampering attention.

We have a Chill Foot Soak, ideal for the Foot Spa but equally OK in an ordinary bucket or large bowl. An alternative would be the Footspa Pure Essential Oil Blend - add 5 - 8 drops to a bucket or footspa. Follow this with Walnut Foot Scrub to remove that flakey skin. Add Heel Balm for dry or cracked heels (also contains anti-fungal myrrh for fungal problems) and apply a small amount of Foot & Leg Gel as a cooling final touch.

Foot products are collected in our Frazzled Feet Repair Kit.

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