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Room And Linen Sprays

Room and Linen Sprays

Of course you  can buy ours, and we have some good ones - Peace (for general soft calming energy), Bush Breathe (for easy breathing, especially when colds and flu or other upper respiratory tract infections are about), Sacred Space (energy clearing for rooms and spaces), Sun over Sea (great for bathrooms & loos).

Or, you can make your own, tailor made to your own taste, and much cheaper.

Choose an essential oil or blend and our Solubulizer. Also purchase a spray bottle. Mix essential oil(s) extremely well with equal quantity of solubulizer, then add water. Detailed instructions are on the Solubulizer bottle.

Light Heart essential oil blend is great for a loo or room spray, and Peace or Welcome Home are great as a linen spray. But many others work just as well. 

The following ranges are available for Room And Linen Sprays

Bush Breathe Travel Spray

Bush Breathe Travel Spray

March 24th 2020: Sorry the 125mls in plastic  are not available until we can get new mist sprays. And there is a limit of only 2 x 50ml bottles for each customer, while stocks last.

An ideal mist for plane travel and for crowded spaces, or as a room spray - contains the same anti-viral and anti-infectious essential oils as the Bush Breathe Essential Oil Blend.

More information on Bush Breathe Travel Spray

Peace Spray

Peace Spray

Our beautiful Peace essential oil spray is primarily intended as a room/space or linen spray, but can also be used on the face and body. It's a blend chosen to encourage inner and outer peace, stillness, contentment and balance - based originally on our Pearl soap and Peace soy candle aroma blend. We add a solubulizer.

Spray lightly on linen or in the air or around energy field with a clear intent to bring peace, to bless and to remove any unwanted energy.

More information on Peace Spray

Sacred Space Spray

Sacred Space Spray

A room spray for homes and work spaces, to invite and welcome a sense of protection and blessing. Contains pure essences of traditional herbs to purify and sanctify.  

Spray lightly with clear intention whenever needed to purify, bless and remove unwanted energy from rooms and spaces.

More information on Sacred Space Spray

Sun Over Sea Room Spray

Sun over Sea Room Spray

Our beautiful Sun over Sea essential oil spray is perfect in the bathroom or toilet as well as living rooms. It's a blend chosen to bring warmth and fresh lemony zing with an Oz bush background.  Perfect to counteract unwanted aromas or staleness. Chosen to reflect the beauty of WA sunsets over the vast Indian Ocean. We add a solubulizer.

Spray lightly in the air. 

More information on Sun Over Sea Room Spray

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