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Aromas & Colours Of Broome Gift Tray

Aromas & Colours of Broome Gift Tray

Ah Broome, with its vibrant colours! We have designed 3 soy candles to match 3 favourite soaps reflecting love for Broome's colours, and conjured up aroma blends as our idea of the flavour of Broome.

These 3 are made in baby soy candles, nestled in woodwool in a tray, then shrink wrapped. Perfect colourful and aromatic gift for Broome lovers!

Colours and aromas are -

Peace (White) - the most popular candle of all, with gentle, peaceful and luxurious essential oils of rosewood, palma rosa, rose geranium, tangerine, lemongrass, frankincense and vetiver. Relects the white sands, ancient shell middens, and white tin roofs of Broome, as well as our beautiful pearls.

Cable Beach Sunset (orange) - classic Hidden Valley pampering and relaxing aroma blend of pure essential oils of  lavender, palma rosa, rosewood, vetiver and rose geranium. Orange is for the red pindan earth, the sandstone cliffs, children's feet, and glorious sunsets.

Roebuck Bay (turquoise) - did you ever see such turquoise as this glorious bay? People feel life renewed after holidays close to Broome's waters. We have added our Light Heart aroma blend of fresh and uplifting pure essential oils - orange, lime, may chang, rose geranium, spearmint & peppermint. 

The matching half blocks of soap are naturally Pearl, Cable Beach Sunset and Saltwater Country - all labelled. 

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Aromas & Colours of Broome Gift Tray 3 baby soys and half blocks in gifttray $58.00

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