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Household, Pet & Garden Care


This is a new category. We hope to include various products to assist with cleaning, gardening and pet care.

The following products are available for Household, Pet & Garden Care

Room And Linen Sprays

Room and Linen Sprays

We suggest you make your own, tailor made to your own taste, and much cheaper.

Choose an essential oil or blend and our Solubulizer. Also purchase a spray bottle. Mix essential oil(s) extremely well with equal quantity of solubulizer, then add water. Detailed instructions are on the Solubulizer bottle.

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Solid Shampoos

Solid Shampoos

We have solid shampoos which are not soaps. Think of them as large bottles of high quality health food shop  shampoo without the water, lasting as least as long, and possibly quite a bit longer. One lady had hers last 2 years! Why do we make them like this?

First, it eliminates the need for any preservatives, as waterless products do not need to be preserved. And preservatives are possibly the most controversial ingredients in any skin and hair care products. So we sidestep any problems here.

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Cleaning Aids

Cleaning Aids

Hidden Valley Handcrafts is keen to limit the use of toxic chemicals in the home, and recommends the use of simple old fashioned cleaners such as vinegar, bicarbonate of soda, beeswax and d'limonene.

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Pet Care

Pet Care

Since our products are plant based, natural and aim for harmlessness, quite a few are suitable for pet care.

Our solid Dog Shampoo has many years' history now of successful use by our customers. It cleans really well and the neem and lemon gum within it help keep insects at bay.

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