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Rise 'n Shine Shampoo & Body Bar

Rise 'n Shine Shampoo & Body Bar

Rise 'n Shine is freshly scented with citrus and mint, an agreeable scent for men, women and children too.

Novel, popular and handy - a soap-free bar made of all the ingredients you would expect in a high quality, mild sulphate free shampoo, without the water which normally accounts for around 60 - 70 per cent of the volume. Since it is waterless, it doesn't require any preservative.

We now produce this shampoo bar in our beautiful heart urchin mould, exclusive to Hidden Valley, a reminder of the importance of heart focus in our lives.

pH neutral, kind to coloured hair, and also kind to skin as a high quality alternative to soap. Ideal for travelling as they can't spill. Wide mouth aluminium tins are available with little plastic platform inserts should you want to keep your shampoo dry and carry it safely.

Just wet your hair, run the bar across 3 or 4 times, massage up the beautiful creamy lather, and rinse, conditioning as usual.

Sodium cocoyl isethionate & sodium lauroyl sarcosinate (mild detergents), stearic acid,  cetearyl alcohol (hardeners), vegetable glycerin, PEG glyceryl cocoate (emollient), sucrose cocoate (emollient & important mildness additive), guar gum, hydrolyzed wheat protein (conditioners), pure essential oils of orange, lime, geranium and spearmint.

Pricing Information
Product Description Price Buy Now Qty

Rise 'n Shine Shampoo & Body Bar 100 gm bar $20.00
Rise 'n Shine Shampoo & Body Bar Large aluminium tin & insert $5.00

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