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Cempaka Shampoo & Body Bar

Cempaka Shampoo & Body Bar

Cempaka is a rich oriental floral - Balinese women use this queen of flowers to scent their hair, along with coconut oil.

Novel, popular and handy - a soap-free bar made of all the ingredients you would expect in a high quality, mild sulphate free shampoo, without the water which normally accounts for around 60 - 70 per cent of the volume. Since it is waterless, it doesn't require any preservative.

pH neutral, kind to coloured hair, and also kind to skin as a high quality alternative to soap. Ideal for travelling as they can't spill. Wide mouth PET plastic jars in 2 sizes are available with little plastic platform inserts should you want to keep your shampoo dry and carry it safely.

Just wet your hair, run the bar across 3 or 4 times, massage up the beautiful creamy lather, and rinse, conditioning as usual.

Sodium cocoyl isethionate & sodium lauroyl sarcosinate (mild detergents), stearic acid,  cetearyl alcohol (hardeners), vegetable glycerin, PEG glyceryl cocoate (emollient), sucrose cocoate (emollient & important mildness additive), guar gum, hydrolyzed wheat protein (conditioners), cempaka high quality fragrant oil.

Pricing Information
Product Description Price Buy Now Qty

Cempaka Shampoo & Body Bar 100 gm bar $15.00
Cempaka Shampoo & Body Bar Large PET jar & insert $3.50

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