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Soy Tealights

Soy Tealights

We have now added more aromas and colours to our soy range, making a total of 15 Soybeam aromas, each made in glass containers (soybeams) as well as tealights in clear non toxic polycarbonate holders. Burn these anywhere, or use them in your soybeam glassware when the originals are finished.

NEW! Pick & Mix your favourite tealights in a gift box with see through top, and a little catalogue to explain the different colours and their essential oil aromas. Or choose 6 of the same kind.

Burn time is a good 6 hours per tealight.

In addition, we make unscented soy tealights in metal containers.

The following ranges are available for Soy Tealights

Aromas & Colours Of Broome Tealights

Aromas & Colours of Broome Tealights

We take 3 tealights made in Broome's iconic colours, pop them with shells in a French metro jar, label, and gift box for an inexpensive Broomey gift.

More information on Aromas & Colours Of Broome Tealights

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