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Organic Facial Skin Care

Organic Facial Skin Care

The Rejuvenate range is designed for those women like ourselves, who have mature or dry skin. We spent a long time deciding on the very purest and most effective ingredients for our "women of wisdom". This range is jam packed with nourishing, replenishing ingredients and we have been thrilled with the results we have experienced ourselves. So what are these ingredients?

  • Eco Cert (France) approved olive emulse wax, gentle and plant based
  • Pure organic carrier oils – camellia, jojoba, evening primrose oil and rosehip, all chosen for their skin nurturing properties
  • Pure organic hydrosols – the pure fragrant water from the distillation of essential oils Rose and Roman chamomile, skin loving and heart nourishing
  • Organic plant extracts which are anti ageing, strengthening, elasticising, and anti oxidant – Ginseng,    Gotu Kola, Gingko biloba, Olive leaf and Rice
  • Soothing emollients & cleansers – organic shea butter, olive squalane, Lamesoft (coco glucoside & glyceryl oleate), sucrose fatty acid esters, hydrolyzed oat protein and yucca extract to enhance cleansing and to support the lipid layer of skin, keeping it supple. We use no harsh or foaming surfactants. 
  • Vitamins A (elasticity and age lines), B (moisturising and soothing), C (anti ageing, soothing and protective), & E ( soothing, healing, regenerating)
  • CoEnzymeQ10 – anti oxidant which protects the cell membrane against environmental damage caused by free radicals , thus helping to prevent wrinkles and sagging
  • Bush Flower essences selected especially to balance and nurture the feminine
  • Plant based gelling agents hydroxypropyl starch phosphate & dehydroxanthan gum

Our natural preservative system is something we are pleased with as we can avoid the dangers associated with many other systems for preserving the quality of products.

Sorry but we have discontinued the Soothe Range for sensitive skin - not because there was anything wrong with it, but simply because there wasnt enough turnover.

We are also excited about the new packaging which includes airless serum containers to keep products pure and contamination free and new waterproof labels. The products are available individually in a beautiful white satin bag or as a complete set in a zip container so you will love the look of them as well!

Of course, these products are more expensive than our other popular skin care products due to the organic ingredients and extra goodies which we have added but with our usual policy of keeping prices affordable, you’ll be pleasantly surprised when comparing them to similar ranges. Although many producers call their products ‘organic’, a quick look at the labels often reveals the inclusion of many undesirable chemicals. We hope to have an “Avoid These Ingredients” information site up on our website soon.

 Lastly, we would especially like to thank those ‘test bunnies’ who provided valuable feedback throughout the journey.  Of course they’re not the furry kind, we only ever test on real people with real skin issues! Besides, they can actually tell us what they think! Check out some of the comments in Testimonials. We hope you enjoy these as much as our "test bunnies" have!

The following ranges are available for Organic Facial Skin Care

Rejuvenate Complete Set Of 4

Rejuvenate Complete Set of 4

Full set of 4 beautiful organic facial skin care products for dry or mature skin - Cleanser, Toning & Treatment Serum, Moisturiser and Exfoliant, in a handy zip bag with full instructions and information.

Buy the set to save $15 and the cost of the bag. (Products also available individually, in white satin bags.)

More information on Rejuvenate Complete Set Of 4

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