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Rejuvenate Pack Of 4

Rejuvenate Pack of 4

This is our top level original Rejuvenate Range of 4 beautiful and carefully crafted organic facial skin care products for dry or mature skin. Cleanser, Toning & Treatment Serum, Moisturiser and Exfoliant come in a handy plastic zip bag, with instructions.

Designed for women with dry or mature skin, but our daughters also love these!

Cleanser & Exfoliant come in 125 ml plastic pump or disc top containers, Serum and Moisturiser are in airless pump bottles.

Eco Cert approved olive emulse wax, organic carrier oils - camellia, jojoba, evening primrose oil and rosehip, organic rose hydrosol, organic plant extracts which are anti ageing, strengthening, elasticising and anti oxidant, and soothing emollients and cleansers which support the lipid layer of skin while cleansing, keepin it supple. The inclusion of special vitamins and Co EnzymeQ10 - an anti oxidant which protects the cell membrane against environmental damage cased by freee radicals, further help in preventing wrinkles and sagging. Our beautiful Bush Flower essences are selected for their physical and emotional properties and to nurture the feminine.

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Rejuvenate Pack of 4 Pack of 4 $148.00

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