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Aromas & Colours Of Christmas

Aromas & Colours of Christmas

This is a special box made just for Christmas, containing three lovely baby size Soybeams evoking the Christmas spirit - Peace, Celebration, and Lemon Myrtle & Lime (Australian version of the Tree of Life).

Peace - within and throughout the world, with pure essential oils of rosewood, palma rosa, rose geranium, tangerine, lemongrass, vetiver and frankincense, a gentle aroma.

Celebration - for joyous times together, with pure essential oils of tangerine, orange, geranium, frankincense, cinnamon, nutmeg and bay, citrus and spice for warmth and fun.

Lemon Myrtle & Lime - our "tree of life" - for green abundance and earth connection, with pure essential oils of Australian lemon myrtle & lime -  fresh, uplifting and energizing. Unfortunately the West Australian honey myrtle essential oil is waiting on new distillation after November, so lemon myrtle is replacing it for the time being.

Each candle burns about 30 hours. An earth friendly and luxurious gift.

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Aromas & Colours of Christmas Box of 3 $40.00

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