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Christmas Gift Collections

Christmas Gift Collections

At Christmas we make our traditional Christmas Goodwill soap, and package these and our Peace, Celebration and Lemon Myrtle & Lime soy candles in various formats to make delightful gifts intended for hosts and hostesses, neighbours, family and friends who are hard to buy for. Or perhaps just for that extra forgotten person.

Together these make lovely hand made gifts. You can easily find something exquisite and unique for $10 or under. We are proud to be producers in Australia. There seem to be ever fewer businesses left which actually make things!

Naturally there are some bigger options too, including the Christmas Box of 3 Baby Soybeams and the Peace Giftbox with candle.

The following ranges are available for Christmas Gift Collections

Christmas Goodwill Soap

Christmas Goodwill Soap

A beautiful soap made in traditional colours and aromas to celebrate the spirit of Christmas. Contains  pure essential oils of tangerine, orange, may chang, cinnamon, lime, ylang ylang, frankincense, nutmeg and clove.

Red, green and gold swirls on green.

More information on Christmas Goodwill Soap

Aromas & Colours Of Christmas

Aromas & Colours of Christmas

This is a special box made just for Christmas, containing three lovely baby size Soybeams evoking the Christmas spirit - Peace, Celebration, and Lemon Myrtle & Lime (Australian version of the Tree of Life).

Peace - within and throughout the world, with pure essential oils of rosewood, palma rosa, rose geranium, tangerine, lemongrass, vetiver and frankincense, a gentle aroma.

More information on Aromas & Colours Of Christmas

Christmas Giftlet

Christmas Giftlet

A special Christmas collection of 3 soap half blocks  - Christmas soap of course, Pearl and another, usually a green one like Kimberley Wet or Coconut & Lime, or a red like Blossom, or Happy soap, or Sandalwood. Cello wrapped.

More information on Christmas Giftlet

Christmas Box Of 3 Soaps

Christmas Box of 3 soaps

We package a Christmas Goodwill soap with 2 others in our normal 3 soap box, with Christmas stickers - voila! Easy Christmas gift for just about anybody.

Feel free to ask for what you would like in this box, otherwise we will include Christmas soap, another green one (Kimberley Wet or Coconut & Lime), and possibly either Pearl, Blossom, Happy, Lovingkindness or Sandalwood.

More information on Christmas Box Of 3 Soaps

Peace Soap Box

Peace Soap Box

A classy "feel good" gift box with 3 soaps - Peace (Pearl), Purity and Happy soap. Beautifully designed with the peaceful dove in gold and russet, and a bookmark with the 12th century famous prayer of St Francis.

More information on Peace Soap Box

Sun Over Sea Gift Pack

Sun over Sea Gift Pack

At Cable Beach we so often see crowds of visitors and also locals, watching the sun setting over that endless Indian Ocean. In the Wet Season or buildup (October through March) the tropical skies can be quite spectacular, an endless source of joy and delight. And we are reminded that this event, watching the sun descend into the sea horizon, is iconic for all West Australians. We grew up either by the ocean or having holidays there. It is part of our psyche and we orient our sense of direction this way. It brings up feelings of nostalgia, clarity, satisfaction, love, feeling at-home, refreshed, grounded and relaxed.

This gift box is inspired by this love of sun setting over sea, such a West Australian thing. We wanted a really yummy bathroom set of body wash, room spray and body lotion with a similar aroma which reflects WA and the concept of sun over ocean. So we chose delicious West Australian honey myrtle essential oil. This is a special one, not nearly as well known as lemon myrtle (from Queensland).  But in our opinion it is even lovelier. It is distilled near Harvey in the South West, and recent crops were decimated by the fires down there. But we have enough, and the honey myrtle is regenerating, so we can manage to include it as the major component in an essential oil blend. 

More information on Sun Over Sea Gift Pack

Christmas Box Of Soy Candle & Soaps

Christmas Box of Soy Candle & Soaps

A box of Hidden Valley treats for Christmas - a red (Celebrate), white (Peace), or green (Lemon Myrtle & Lime)baby  pure soy candle teamed with a Goodwill Christmas soap and another matching one, all nestled in wood wool and shrink wrapped.

More information on Christmas Box Of Soy Candle & Soaps

Peace Gift Box With Candle

Peace Gift Box with Candle

A gift box with a Peace Soybeam (decorated baby soy wax candle in glass bulb with lid, burning around 20 hours), plus a Peace (Pearl) and a Happy or Lovingkindness soap, with St Francis of Assisi's 12th century prayer for peace.

More information on Peace Gift Box With Candle

Christmas Essential Oil Blend

Christmas Essential Oil Blend

This is actually our Citrus & Spice blend. It's a very Christmassy traditional blend of citrus and spices with cedar and frankincense for your oil burner, or for use in Christmas pot pourri. Contains sweet orange, frankincense, geranium, cedarwood, clove, cinnamon, nutmeg and bay.

More information on Christmas Essential Oil Blend

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