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Soybeams are beautiful safe bulb shaped containers with lids, containing sustainable bio-friendly soy wax candles with pure essential oils added at a minimum of 4 percent. We finish these bulbs with gift tags and wooden beads on white leather thonging, so they make beautiful luxurious gifts. Each soybeam takes 125 gms soy wax and burns around 40 hours, so you can use them again and again. These are now packaged more safely and attractively in gift boxes.

At Christmas time we optionally package our Peace, Celebration & Tree of Life soybeams in Christmas style with holly, gold bells etc. Just ask if you prefer these decorations. We also package them with Christmas soaps - see our Christmas Gift Collections.

In our shop we also offer the much larger 430 gm Soybeams to personal shoppers at $35 each. However, we have found these too fragile to be freighted for mail order customers. They need to be carried on planes as hand luggage. We also have Baby Soybeams in Peace, Cable Beach Sunset, Lavender and Tree of Life at $12 each, but these are not boxed.

When the Soybeams are finished, simply wash with hot soapy water. Try burning our Soy Tealights in them.

Remember never to leave candles burning unattended.

Tip: should your candle start to burn very low, or drown itself, simply pour a little of the molten soy wax out, but NEVER DOWN THE SINK! We learned the hard way how not to clog up the drains! This way your candle burns bright again.

Please enjoy, these are beautiful.

The following ranges are available for Soybeams

Aromas & Colours Of Christmas

Aromas & Colours of Christmas

This is a special box made just for Christmas, containing three lovely baby size Soybeams evoking the Christmas spirit - Peace, Celebration, and Honey Myrtle & Lime (for our Australian version of the Tree of Life).

Peace - within and throughout the world, with pure essential oils of rosewood, palma rosa, rose geranium, tangerine, lemongrass, vetiver and frankincense, a gentle aroma.

More information on Aromas & Colours Of Christmas

Aromas & Colours Of Broome Soybeams

Aromas & Colours of Broome Soybeams

Ah Broome, with its vibrant colours! We have designed 3 soy candles to reflect love for Broome's colours, and conjured up aroma blends as our idea of the flavour of Broome.

These 3 are made in baby soy candles, nestled in a gift box. Perfect aromatic gift for Broome lovers!

More information on Aromas & Colours Of Broome Soybeams

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