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Honey Myrtle & Lime

Honey Myrtle & Lime

Honey Myrtle & Lime is a zesty uplifting, honey-citrus essential oil blend that is also available in our soy candle range. Honey Myrtle is a unique West Australian essential oil that has the highest citral (neral and geranial) content of all the Melaleucas and has significant perfumery and therapeutic potential.

We love it!

Honey Myrtle: Can assist to clear and focus the mind, assist with concentration, uplifting, relaxing, calming, relieves mental stress, anti-depressive, can soothe hypertension, aids happiness and calms noisy children.

Lime: Very refreshing and uplifting. Ideal for fatique and a tired mind. Very stimulating and activating, especially where there is apathy, anxiety and depression.


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Honey Myrtle & Lime 100 ml $95.00
Honey Myrtle & Lime 50 ml $60.00
Honey Myrtle & Lime 10 ml $20.00

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