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Candles (soybeams)

CANDLES (Soybeams)

Why burn paraffin when you can burn these little gems, totally vegetable, beautiful and safe?

Our all vegetable soy wax container candles are safe, non-toxic, environmentally sustainable, and have many other advantages. They burn up to 50 per cent longer than paraffin candles, can contain higher levels of essential oils (we use 4 per cent), and spills clean up easily with hot soapy water. We love making them too.

We call ours Soybeams and they come as large, medium and small. Our old bulb shaped glass containers are no longer available, but we now use more modern straight sided Monaco jars, which seem stronger. We have also stopped making tealights, although there are still a few available, so it's worth inquiring.

Soybeams are beautiful clear glass containers, with lids. They make attractive gifts.  We prefer not to send the large ones via post due to the breakage risk, but the medium and small ones are reasonable. The medium soybeams contain 165 grams soy wax and burn approximately 40 hours, so they can be lit again and again, filling the room with delightful fragrance. The small ones contain 55 grams wax and burn around 8 hours, depending on temperature and wind conditions. 

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Soybeams are beautiful safe Monaco glass containers with lids, containing sustainable bio-friendly pure soy wax with pure essential oils added at a minimum of 4 percent and cotton wicks. They are filled with only pure essential oils so they make beautiful luxurious gifts. Each Medium soybeam takes 165 grams soy wax and burns around 40 hours, so you can use them again and again. The Small ones hold 55 grams soy wax and burn around 8-10 hours.

In our shop we also offer Large Soybeams (320 gm wax) to personal shoppers at $35 each. However, we have found these too fragile to be freighted for mail order customers. They need to be carried on planes as hand luggage. 

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