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At Christmas we make our traditional Christmas Goodwill soap, and package these and our Peace, Celebration and Honey Myrtle & Lime soy candles in various formats to make delightful gifts intended for hosts and hostesses, neighbours, family and friends who are hard to buy for. Or perhaps just for that extra forgotten person.

Together these make lovely hand made gifts. You can easily find something exquisite and unique for $10 or under. We are proud to be producers in Australia. There seem to be ever fewer businesses left which actually make things!

Naturally there are some bigger options too, including the Christmas Box of 3 Baby Soybeams and the Peace Giftbox with candle.

The following ranges are available for Christmas

Soap Offcut Gift Tags

Soap Offcut Gift Tags

Here's a novel way of using our larger soap offcuts. Ali has drawn up a Kimberley boab, and we have incorporated this as a gift tag, ideal for Christmas or any time, with space to include your To..... and From..... on the back, and a string fastening so you can sticky tape it to your gift. So it's a nifty way to both present your gift, and give a piece of our soap as well! These are about half the thickness of our half blocks.

Choose Christmas or Anytime Soap Gift Tags. In the photo the soap tag has been attached to some Deluxe Packaging.

More information on Soap Offcut Gift Tags

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