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Illumamatic Multi Light Vaporizer

Illumamatic Multi Light Vaporizer

This porcelain essential oil diffuser has employed LED light technology to provide safe, clean, economical, eco-friendly ways to enjoy your favourite essential oils while also enjoying the peaceful ambience of its soft light. There are no naked flames, no light bulbs and virtually no ongoing costs. 

Safe and clean, it operates at a constant minimal temperature, warm enough to vaporize or melt wax melts but not hot enough to burn your favourite pure essential oils, blends or soy wax melts.

Choose white or rainbow LED lights.

The vaporizer can be operated independently of the LED lights.  The lights are low voltage, low temperature and low cost, with life expectancy of 50,000 plus hours.

Great as night lights for children's rooms.

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Illumamatic Multi Light Vaporizer Boxed 15cm x 15cm x 14.5H $68.00

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