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Caromas - Essential Oil Car Vaporizers

Caromas - Essential Oil Car Vaporizers

The Caroma car diffuser for essential oils is a nifty little bottle with wooden top inside a metal one with holes, to fill with essential oils of your choice and then tie somewhere convenient. Perfect to enjoy pure plant aromas in the car or other small spaces. And perfect to combat the dreaded smellies in the tropics or in hot times anywhere! 

Just take out the plastic stopper, fill with your favourite blend or single essential oil. It will take a little less than 10ml. The diffuser bottle features two beads to help curb the diffuser action up the rope as well as a gasket inside to stop liquid from spilling or dripping out too fast when turned upside down. Some people mix a reed base with your essential oil, but these are often synthetic (eg. propylene glycol) and we tend to use ours neat. However, you could dilute with fractionated coconut oil.

Instructions -

  *    Remove the cork and plastic bung from the bottle

  *    Fill the bottle with your essential oil or diluted in fractionated coconut at 20-50% (i.e. you could use up to 80% fractionated coconut with 20% essential oil)

  *    Put the 2 white gaskets supplied together and push these to the far end of the wooden lid. Replace the cork on the bottle making sure it is screwed on correctly.  Turn the bottle upside down several times until the cork is sufficiently soaked. Tighten the bead again and hang somewhere convenient.

   Remember essential oils can stain or damage some surfaces, so choose your place carefully. The essential oil can even travel up the rope so be aware when you hang it. Just tilt again whenever you want to refresh the aroma.

What to choose? We suggest citrus based aromas that are fresh, energizing or uplifting. Ali's favourite is the fresh Lemon Myrtle & Lime or perhaps other fresh ones After the Rain or Light Heart. Choose Bush Breathe or Kimberley Blue if there are colds & flu about. You could also choose singles such as Blood orange, Grapefruit, May Chang, Lemon Myrtle, or Lemon. For those wanting something to calm the kids, perhaps Welcome Home, or Peace. For something a little more floral, what about Radiance, Welcome Home or Cable Beach Sunset? And the latter evokes that tropical holiday feel of Broome, for those who miss it terribly. It is our alltime most popular blend and we are honoured to hear it referred to so often as "the smell of Broome"!

To order - if you choose 1 essential oil and 1 Caroma we will assume you would like these packaged together - they make a lovely gift! Alternatively, you could choose a single Caroma with essential oil blend, and later tell us in the notes section when ordering which essential oil you would prefer. Either method will work.

Happy driving!

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Caromas - Essential Oil Car Vaporizers Caroma with pure essential oil blend $30.00
Caromas - Essential Oil Car Vaporizers Caroma $12.00

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