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Essential Oil Accessories

Essential Oil Accessories

We offer wooden storage boxes for essential oils, electric vaporizers/diffusers with or without LED lights, and the latest ultrasonic mist diffusers. Some of these are dual purpose - can be used with soy wax melts. And there is also a small Caroma (car diffuser).

We can also supply solubulizer (polysorbate 20) to make room sprays from your essential oils, and various carrier oils including jojoba, a water dispersible massage blend, coconut and fractionated coconut oils. We do stock many carrier and healing oils for use in our skin care products, so feel free to ask if you need something not listed in the website.

The following ranges are available for Essential Oil Accessories

Essential Oil Storage Boxes

Essential Oil Storage Boxes

Attractive, well made timber storage boxes for your essential oils (9-15mls), made from plantation pine, with clear protective varnish finish allowing the natural wood grain to show through. These have removable wooden carry handle, gold latches and strong hinges, with internal dividers fully removable.

Just two sizes - Boutique Box (12 holes) and Executive Box (30 holes). 

More information on Essential Oil Storage Boxes

Ultrasonic Mist Diffuser

Ultrasonic Mist Diffuser

These are the ultimate for pure essential oil dispersion in the atmosphere. The ultrasonic method of vaporizing pure essential oils or blends ensures that they retain their therapeutic properties and qualities. The cool fine mist produced by the diffuser disperses tiny molecules of pure essential oils into the atmosphere. They do not use heat.

These have independent LED light and mist operation. You can set any colour light, or scroll through the rainbow. They offer humidifier characteristics too, so are ideal for dry areas such as airconditioned spaces. They have an automatic shut off at low water level and include a small jug for water filling.

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Illumamatic Multi Light Vaporizer

Illumamatic Multi Light Vaporizer

This porcelain essential oil diffuser has employed LED light technology to provide safe, clean, economical, eco-friendly ways to enjoy your favourite essential oils while also enjoying the peaceful ambience of its soft light. There are no naked flames, no light bulbs and virtually no ongoing costs. 

Safe and clean, it operates at a constant minimal temperature, warm enough to vaporize or melt wax melts but not hot enough to burn your favourite pure essential oils, blends or soy wax melts.

More information on Illumamatic Multi Light Vaporizer

Essential Oil Vaporizer (electric) - Modern

Essential Oil Vaporizer (Electric) - Modern

Our aromatherapy electric oil vaporizers are safe, clean and efficient, automatically providing a constant low temperature which produces subtle, effective vaporization of essential oils. They are easy to use and maintain, and they eliminate naked flames, hot oily water and messy candle wax.

These are our 2 in one coral vaporizers, simple and modern, in black or white or saffron or seagrass green. They work well with both essential oils and soy wax melts as the dish is quite deep. Designed to prevent overheating, they are warm enough to vaporize but are not hot enough to burn or harm the aromatic qualities of your favourite oils or melts. Do not use water. Boxed.

More information on Essential Oil Vaporizer (electric) - Modern

Caromas - Essential Oil Car Vaporizers

Caromas - Essential Oil Car Vaporizers

The Caroma is a nifty little stainless steel vent diffuser for your car, a breeze to use and both cute and functional. Perfect to enjoy pure plant aromas in the car (or other small spaces). And perfect to combat the dreaded smellies in the tropics, doggie smells, or in hot times anywhere! 

There's no need to worry about spilling essential oil over your car. These diffusers are made to use with a highly absorbent pad that fits snugly inside. Simply open the magnetic diffuser lid, add about 10 drops of essential oil to the pad inside, close and clip onto the vent. The car fan blows air through the diffuser holes.  

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