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Hidden Valley Staff October 2015

L-R: Back - Smokey, Matthew (markets), Melanie (cosmetics & candle production), Ali, Jaye (IT), Kaya & Shelley (soap)

Front row - Jerilee (customer care Wed-Fri), Sally (customer care Mon-Wed), Elise (markets) 

Ali asked all the staff to write about themselves - what they had done before and what they considered their good qualities.  Many found this really difficult!

Sales - Shop & Mail Order

Jerilee (Monday, Tuesday & Thursday)

Jerilee joined the sales team in May 2014.  She has a varied but predominately a tourism background specialising in the Kimberley, Pilbara and the Northern Territory. She is very open to new experiences.

Self description:
I'm a mother of one, with an interest in the arts.

Favourite part of the job? Learning about the spiritual and medicinal properties of essential oils.


Shelley (Wednesday & Friday)

Shelley has been working for us as a soapmaker on and off for many many years (see below), but recently she has begun working in the shop and mail orders - she loves this as it gives her access to the marvellous customers who buy her gorgeous soap!

Sales - Markets


Smokey is handling the Saturday markets for the time being.

Production - Candles


Jerilee is learning candle production and looking forward to a new skill.


John was our candle man and morning tea maker, and dearly loved long term friend who used to make our paraffin candles, and who died in late 2012. We just cant bring ourselves to delete his picture and words from our website. And many will remember his fab shell covered candles, which we no longer make. He lived in a caravan at our place on and off for many years, worked for nothing, just to be part of the team. We miss you John, and will always be grateful for your time with us.

Self description:
I previously worked before in northwest mines (iron ore), then offshore oil gas. I'm humorous and laid back (see picture).

Favourite part of the job? Walking on Cable beach, playing golf and Smoko - all part of the job. 

Production - Soap & Cosmetics


Shelley was Ali's very first helper soapmaker, way back about the turn of the century.  She returned to us as a soapmaker, way back about the turn of the century.  She returned to us as a soapmaker again in 2015.

Self Description:  I teach yoga and practice massage and energy healing.  I am smiley, patient, light and graceful.

(The modest Shelley is an Integrated Therapeutic Alignment certified teacher under the guidance of Melaney Ryan of Stillpoint Institute, and also learned pranic healing techniques with Master Choa Kok Sui.  She also is a modern day priestess - skilled in creating feminine ritual and ceremony in the moon-aware environment of Broome.)

Favourite part of the job?  Stirring the cauldron.

Dislike the most?  Running out of cheese for morning tea.


We can't bring ourselves to delete these words about Deb, who died in early 2015. Deb joined us in the soap kitchen in April 2011 and became an expert soapmaker, a supreme colourist, as well as amazing ambassador at the Courthouse markets.  We still can't quite believe she is gone from us - an aggressive cancer took her much too soon.

She led a rich life, loving her horses and dogs, and had a previous career in rock music working internationally, eg. with Neil Young.  She returned to Australia doing festivals for Womad and corporate special events.  Broome became her home, where she was much loved by many people.

Self description:
Passionate campaigner for a Gas Free Kimberley.  No industrialisation of the Dampier Peninsula.  Horse, dog and cat lover (and Mad Bastard, an extra in the recent film).

Favourite part of the job?

  1. Marbling the colour into the soap
  2. Smelling the delicious essential oil blends
  3. Seeing how they turn out on Thursdays
  4. Morning tea with my friends.

Cosmetics Production

Ali has been making all cosmetics since daughter Melanie became pregnant - the oils are just too strong to risk. And now she has taken on a new apprentice - Moni - for 2 days per week to help. This will take the pressure off and allow Ali to spend time with forthcoming grandchild.


Now done by Shelly, Jerilee and Ali.

Computing & Videos


(our son)

Self description:
I USED TO BE the Muscles Market Machine and Awesome Market Crazy Dude. Being the son of Brian and Ali I was groomed for the markets at a very young age, and thus can't remember a pre-market life! But now, after studying audio engineering I DJ at Skyla bar, am audio technician for the Shire, and have my own business hiring out sound and lighting equipment for weddings and events.  I also fix Hidden Valley computers and update their hardware, and make occasional videos.  As you can see I like anything technical!

Owners and general dogs' bodies

Smokey (Mr Fixit)

Self description:
I originally came from Perth, was an accountant. I am "old" with grey hair, glasses, have a good sense of humour, I'm kind, considerate, smart and good natured.

Favourite part of the job? Working with such lovely women and the morning teas. Dislike? Packing for Saturday markets and getting up at 5 am!


Self description:
Lived in New Guinea, Perth, Amsterdam then the Kimberley for the last 27 years. Once was Law librarian at UWA. I'm a loner, big hearted, compassionate, love plants, ideas and assisting in women's passages through life.

Favourite part of the job? The amazing opportunities for self expression and creativity - creating products, a happy team, a network of like-minded customers, and a successful conscious business embodying love. Always having  something to give away, and having a solid place in the community. Feeling I'm on track with my purpose of linking heaven with earth, via the products we make and the way we distribute them. And the opportunities to support other women in their individual journeys to help make a better world.

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